Dutch Iris Telstar – Great in bloom !!!

The Dutch Iris is a real distinctive flower. She looks in between a Lily and an Orchid. Is easy to use in bouquets. One of the prominent cultivars is Telstar. The great deepblue colour of the Dutch Iris Telstar is only one of his numerous qualities. His biggest preference is that he always comes to full bloom. What does the image of the Dutch Iris a lot of harm is the fact that some cheap much-breeded cultivars hardly come to full bloom, or don’t even bloom at all. In contrast with a lot of other blue irisses Telstar will bloom definitely. After picking early, cooling on water and even after dry cooling Telstar will always show its best side. Of course this is very important for florists. Beside that Telstar can be prepared very well. Contact us for the possibilities for all-year-round culture. We know exactly what to do. With a Telstar Iris success will be guaranteed!